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What do I do when I spot a fraudulent transaction on my account?
What do I do when I spot a fraudulent transaction on my account?
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If you suspect a fraudulent charge on your account, go into the app to Lock your card in your KOHO app immediately. Just select the card image in the top right corner and toggle Lock on both of your cards.

Next, answer these questions:

Do you recognize the merchant name?

Sometimes merchants use different names for their stores than what is on file for their credit card transactions 

Is the amount familiar?

Double-check the receipt that was issued to you as well as what currency you were charged in.

Is the date unfamiliar?

Merchants will sometimes post the transaction a few days after your initial visit.
Read more about Authorizations and settlements to understand why!

Is the location unfamiliar?

Some merchants have processing systems in different cities. For example you might see Spotify's transactions are processed in Europe but you are charged in CAD!

Have you dealt with this merchant before?

Sometimes merchants such as hotels and car rental companies apply charges after your stay or rental has ended. Sometimes this will be an updated amount due to them for things like a security deposit or damage charge!

Did you recently sign up for a trial offer?

Make sure you read the terms and conditions and cancel your subscription fully before the trial ends. Many companies will just automatically bill you without checking if you want to continue using their service.

Is there someone else in your household who may be using your card details?

Be careful whom you share your credit card details with! Remember that since KOHO is pre-paid this person is gaining access to your hard-earned money and we are not able to dispute charges if they were made by someone with access to your card number!

If you have gone through this list and you still want to proceed with disputing this charge, please reach out to us through our in-app chat with the merchant name, amount, and transaction date.

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