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How do I file a chargeback or dispute?
How do I file a chargeback or dispute?
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💡 Notice a charge on your account that you don't recognize?

Is "chargeback" just another word for a refund?

Not exactly! Chargeback = charges coming back to your account after a dispute process.

A chargeback differs from a refund because the return of funds happens only after you've successfully disputed a completed transaction with the merchant. A refund is a lot faster and can happen directly between you and the merchant with who the transaction was made. At KOHO, we use "dispute" and "chargeback" interchangeably.

Why would I need to start a chargeback?

We hope you never have to, but we get that stuff happens! Disputes happen for several reasons:

  • If you get charged for a transaction that was declined by the merchant.

  • If you were shipped items that weren't as described when you purchased them, or not delivered at all.

  • If a merchant is unresponsive - ie. their website disappears, or their team does not cooperate with a proper reason for the refund in a set amount of time (usually 3-5 business days).

If you find yourself in any of these situations (or some others), you can then choose to dispute those transactions on your account by pursuing a chargeback.

I want to start a chargeback but need more information!

We got you covered! You should always try to resolve any issues directly with a merchant before requesting a chargeback. Think of it like this: it is much faster to resolve a dispute between two parties than three (you, the merchant, and KOHO). Before starting a chargeback, please reach out to the merchant and request a refund!

It takes longer to process chargebacks than it does refunds, and they should only be reserved as a last resort to recover your funds.

🏁 ❗ Chargebacks must begin within 90 calendar days from the date of the transaction you're disputing, or from the agreed delivery date of your purchase that never arrived. If you believe a transaction on your Card account is incorrect, you must notify us in writing of your dispute within ninety (90) days of the transaction date.

Okay, let's file a chargeback!

Alright! The easiest way to begin a chargeback is to contact our lovely support team via the KOHO in-app chat. They will guide you through the process. Our agents will hear you out and assess your claim for the following:

  • If the transaction is actually eligible for a chargeback claim.

  • Which type of chargeback should be filed (merchant dispute, fraud, etc.).

Our agents will guide you through the process of submitting a claim and then file a chargeback to the merchant on your behalf, you’ll be contacted soon after.

Once the merchant has received the details of your case they must review it, and read all supporting documentation we submit to them. This takes time so please hang tight! They have a specific time frame 30 calendar days from the chargeback date, to complete their review.

In some cases, it can take up to 90 days as the process can get extended based on the initial review stage.

Important Notes❗

  • Keep in mind that chargebacks can last 90 days from start to finish before you find out if either you won the dispute, or the merchant did. This is why we highly recommend asking for a refund or contacting the merchant, first!

  • Please reach out to the merchant and request a refund and only pursue a dispute if no resolution is reached.

  • If you believe a transaction on your Card account is incorrect, you must notify us in writing of your dispute within ninety (90) days of the transaction date.

  • If you notice any unauthorized transactions and are waiting for our response to you, please lock your cards within the KOHO app to avoid further charges!

As always, we're here to help so just ask us any questions you may have! We get that it's a difficult process to start a dispute, and want to make sure you know we are here to support you through it ❤️ 💪

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