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How do I close the KOHO account of a deceased member?
How do I close the KOHO account of a deceased member?
Updated over a week ago

We are sorry to hear about your loss and want to make closing this account as straightforward as possible for you.

We require a copy and/or confirmation of the following information:

  • Your Full Name

  • A copy of your Government-issued photo identification

  • Relationship to the deceased [Parent/Sibling/Partner/Other]

  • Copy of the Death Certificate

  • Copy of the Will [if existent] or Probate Certificate

    • If there is no Will, are you the administrator (the person appointed by the court to manage the estate when there is no Will)?

Once you have collected this information, please forward those documents via email to [email protected] and our internal team will begin processing your request. These requests are reviewed within 2 business days of receiving the request. If we require anything further, we will contact you via the email address you have notified us through.

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