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Why was my pre-authorized debit declined?
Why was my pre-authorized debit declined?
Updated over a week ago

There are a few reasons why your payment may not have gone through. Here’s why your pre-authorized debits may have been declined:

  • Insufficient funds: All pre-authorized debits are processed before 12 PM EST. If your account doesn’t have sufficient funds by then, your pre-authorized debit won’t go through. Learn how to load funds to KOHO here!

  • Velocity limits: Pre-authorized debit limits vary by merchant, so please reach out to us in-app to verify the limit prior to setting the payment up.

  • Payee name mismatch: The pre-authorized debit needs to be sent to us with a payee name that matches the first and last name on your KOHO account. If you don’t know what payee name will be on your pre-authorized debit, just reach out to the merchant to confirm with them — we can’t see what name is on a pre-authorized debit until we receive it.

  • Merchant isn’t supported: There are several types of merchants that KOHO does not support PADs for like payday loan companies and gambling sites. Credit card companies (e.g. American Express, Capital One) cannot be processed via pre-authorized debit but you may be able to use our bill payment feature instead.

  • Email not verified: When you register for KOHO, we email you a link to verify your email address. To set up pre-authorized debits with KOHO, your email will first need to be verified. If you’re unsure if the email is verified on your account, reach out to our team through in-app chat and we’ll help you out.

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