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What is a Virtual Card?
What is a Virtual Card?
Updated over a week ago

Open your KOHO app and select My cards. That's where you'll find your Virtual card!

To start spending right away, add it to Apple, Samsung, or Google Pay or use it for your online shopping.

Hear from our Financial Coach, Sherry, on why you should use a Virtual card 👇

What are the perks of a Virtual card?

  • For new users: you can start adding funds and shopping online while you wait for your physical card to arrive in the mail

  • For all users: no need to budge from your couch to make an online purchase! Just use your Virtual card instead of getting up to find your wallet. Plus, it uses a different card number to help protect your physical card number when you’re shopping or booking services online

  • For additional info check out our blog: 4 Reasons you should use a Virtual Card when online shopping

How do I get one?

  • You will automatically receive one upon completion of activating your new KOHO account 

  • Click on My cards in-app to see your Virtual card

How do I use my Virtual card?

  • To see your Virtual or physical card number, tap “See Card Number” and it will be securely displayed

  • To protect your card data, we don’t ever host your card number

  • You can add your Virtual card to your phone's digital wallet so you can make in-person purchases with ease

How do I add my Virtual card to my digital wallet?

Find the steps for:

Note: If you're ever travelling and you aren't able to view your Virtual card, don't be alarmed. Our processor blocked the virtual card in some countries to protect your information! 

How do I replace my Virtual card?

With KOHO, you can have total control over your Virtual card:

  1. Navigate to "My cards"

  2. Tap on the Virtual card

  3. Look for the words "Need a replacement"

  4. Hit "Request one" to make the change official

  5. Done! Your new Virtual card is ready to rock 🚀

Once you replace your Virtual card, a new card number is generated, so make sure you add this new card to your digital wallet and update any recurring subscriptions with this card number!

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