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How do I set up Apple Pay?
How do I set up Apple Pay?
Updated over a week ago

KOHO is compatible with Apple Pay. That's right, you no longer need your physical card to make in-store purchases.

How to Set Up Apple Pay

Option 1:

In-app, click on My cards on the Spend page > Add to Apple Wallet. Easy!

Option 2:

  1. Tap into your Apple Wallet

  2. Tap the ➕ sign to add your card

  3. Take a photo of your Physical Card or manually add your Virtual Card

  4. You'll be asked to verify by email (link is valid for 15 minutes)

You'll be all set to make purchases wherever Apple Pay is accepted! 

*You may receive an authorization for $0 from Apple upon adding your card to your digital wallet. This is expected and shows that the card has been successfully provisioned! This authorization will expire on your feed.

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