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KOHO Card Colours
Updated over a week ago

When you sign up for KOHO you’ll have the chance to opt in for a physical card if you want one! You'll have the opportunity to set one up later if you change your mind.

All our physical card colours offer the same experience, and you’ve got 4 awesome combinations to choose from: Blueberried Caviar, Gilded Cotton Candy, Sunkissed Skinny Dip, and Frozen Cherry Soda!

If you’ve moved since signing up to KOHO, make sure we have your current address. If you need to update your address you can do this in the app. Go to the profile icon in the upper left-hand corner > scroll down to Personal Details.

How do I opt-in for a physical card?

To opt in for a physical card, you can do so in-app. Just tap My cards on the Spend page, scroll down and select "Get a Card" and follow the prompts to get set up!

Once you've opted in for a physical card, it should arrive within 10 days of account verification. If you don't get your card in the mail by then, reach out to us through our in-app chat and let us know 📲

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