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Why is my card being declined?
Why is my card being declined?
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There could be a few reasons why your card was declined. Let's investigate 🔎

  • Insufficient funds on your account: here's how to load funds to your card 

  • Wrong PIN: if you've forgotten your PIN you can reset it by calling 1-855-564-6999 and choosing option 4

  • PIN Not Synced: your PIN may not have synced with the card properly when you first set it up. This is amongst the most common reasons a card is declined, and resetting the PIN quickly resolves this. Just call 1-855-564-6999 and choose option 4

  • Mismatched CVV or expiration date: double check the CVV and/or expiration date on your card match what you've provided the merchant. This is particularly important if you've recently received a new card

  • Locked card: unlock your card from within the KOHO App

  • Cancelled card: Have you had your card replaced? It's possible the merchant is attempting an old, invalid card number

  • Merchant doesn't accept pre-paid credit cards: the KOHO card won't work for online gambling or adult entertainment sites, and some merchants may not accept prepaid credit cards (double check with them)

  • Blocked country: it's possible the merchant is located in a blocked country

  • Velocity limits exceeded: wait until limits reset on your account. See this article for a list of velocity limits

If none of the above apply to you, reach out to us via our in-app chat so that we can get to the bottom of it! 

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