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Why would my rental agreement change?
Why would my rental agreement change?
Updated over a week ago

Depending on how long you have lived in your rental and the rental agreement you signed, your rental agreement may either be a month-to-month or a fixed-term agreement.

A fixed-term tenancy will end on a specified date outlined in the rental agreement (typically one year from the rental agreement being signed). After this period, both the tenant and landlord can choose to renew the rental agreement or switch to a month-to-month arrangement.

💡 Typically, your fixed-term rental agreement will automatically switch to month-to-month without signing a new rental agreement. If you have stayed in your rental past your fixed end date, it likely means that your fixed-term tenancy has expired and you are currently on a month-to-month tenancy.

A month-to-month tenancy, also known as a periodic tenancy, does not have a fixed end date. Instead, it automatically renews monthly unless the tenant or landlord ends it.

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