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I think I'm a victim of identity theft, what should I do now?
I think I'm a victim of identity theft, what should I do now?
Updated over a week ago

This can be a very worrisome time, but stay calm as this can all be managed with some actions taken by you.

For your KOHO account:

  • With KOHO, you’re in control. If you ever suspect that someone is using your KOHO card, simply click on Cards and toggle the Lock button on both of your cards. This will prevent any further spending with your card.

  • Once you lock your card, contact our Support Team via our in-app chat immediately

  • Either reset the password to the email address that is associated with your KOHO account or create a new email account and update the email address on your profile

  • Reset your KOHO login credentials

  • Please review your transactions in the app and inform us immediately if there are any unauthorized transactions (Spend tab)

  • Review your personal information in the app to ensure that all information such as name, address, phone number, and email is correct and accurate (Profile top left of the Spend tab > Personal Details)

For everything else

  • You should install or run Antivirus software on any devices that may have been compromised

  • Report the incident to all your Financial Institutions

  • Change your passwords

  • Place flags on your other accounts

  • Contact and report to both the Credit Bureaus

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