If you're having a hard time signing up for KOHO, there could be a couple things going on. Let's dig in:

  1. Can't find your address? If this is the case, choose the address closest to you, and then reach out to us in-app with your correct full address as soon as possible. We will update it in our system 📬

    2. Haven't received the verification email? Check your spam folder, it might be                  hiding out in there 👀

    3. App is freezing or acting freaky? Make sure you have the most recent version of          the KOHO app. Swipe to hard close the app and try again (you may need to put             your info in again) 📲

4. Already signed up for KOHO in the past? We only permit one account per user, so try accessing your old account.

If none of the above do the trick, reach out to us in-app so we can get you sorted.

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