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Trouble Creating a KOHO Account
Updated over a week ago

If you've already created a KOHO account before, we recommend that you check out the helpful articles in this collection.

If you're having a hard time signing up for KOHO, there could be a couple of things going on. Let's dig in:

  • You've entered an incorrect or invalid phone number and can't move forward with signing up. It happens! Open a chat with our support team and we'll get this sorted for you asap.

  • Signed up for KOHO before? If you're being redirected to the "Welcome Page" page after entering your details during sign-up, then it's very likely you've created an account with us in the past. We only permit one account per member, so try logging back into your original account by requesting a password reset email or by searching "KOHO" in your primary email inbox to see if we've sent you some messages in the past.

  • App is freezing or acting freaky? Make sure you have the most recent version of the KOHO app. Swipe to hard close the app and try again (you may need to put your info in again).

Still no luck?

You can reach out to our support team for troubleshooting help through our in-app support or on Web. They'll just need you to include the following information in your message:

  • First + last name

  • Email address (any emails you may have used to sign up for KOHO with)

  • Date of birth

  • Full postal address

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