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I'm unable to send an e-Transfer from KOHO!
I'm unable to send an e-Transfer from KOHO!
Updated over a week ago

Outbound e-Transfers from KOHO are only available for fully verified accounts.

If you're having a hard time sending an e-Transfer from your KOHO account, a few factors might be at play. Let's dig in:

  • Incomplete information might be the issue. Ensure that all fields entered, such as recipient's name, security question, and security answer are between 3 - 40 characters.

  • Double-check your security question and answer. The security answer cannot be the same as the security question.

  • Special characters like ($, %, ?) are not permitted. For the security answer or security question, if you have a question mark in your security question, you have to remove it!

  • Account Velocity Limits. Make sure to verify that you have not exceeded your account limits. You can review your account limits directly in-app by tapping on the profile icon (top left) > Account velocity limits.

  • Your device hasn't been verified. To verify your device, you'll just need to click a link in the verification email sent to your login email address that we have on file.

  • Insufficient funds due to Cover. Going forward, you will no longer be able to send e-Transfers with your Cover balance since these funds are meant specifically for transactional purchases.

  • Cannot send funds over $999: If you are unable to send money over $1000, please ensure your KOHO app is updated to the latest version.

  • Numerical issues when sending money: For iOS users, please navigate to your phone settings. Go to Settings > General > Language & Region and you should be able to update the number format and language preference which affects your phone keyboard. Try changing it to the first option and resending funds!

If you're encountering an error message even after confirming the steps mentioned above, consider logging in and out of your KOHO account as a last troubleshooting step.

Still no luck?

You can reach out to our support team for troubleshooting help through our in-app support or on Web.

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