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Can I use KOHO for online purchases?

Oh, you bet you can. KOHO works everywhere prepaid cards are accepted. All you need to do is enter your card info — card number, your name, CVV, and expiration date — to buy that new pair of shoes. We don't allow the use of KOHO on gambling and adult entertainment sites. 

How do I make my first purchase?

You can make your first purchase with your Virtual Card. Just open your KOHO app and tap on the card image to either see the card number or add it to your mobile wallet. As well, you can also find your card details on KOHO Web by clicking the eye symbol beside the card. That's where you'll find your Virtual Card 🛍️

You can also opt-in to get a Physical Card in the mail that arrives within 10 days of your account being verified. To use your Physical Card in-person, follow the steps below:

Make an in-store purchase→ When making a purchase, have the merchant enter it as a credit card→ For this first transaction, insert your card + input your PINHaving a PIN makes your card secure, so don't skip this step!

If your purchase happens to go through without you needing to input your PIN, don't sweat, this can happen sometimes. You're still good to go, and you can use the tap function from here on out.

Can I make my first purchase online?

Absolutely! You can use your Virtual Card for online purchases while you wait for your Physical Card to arrive. While you can make your first purchase online, you'll still need to make an in-store purchase to finalize the PIN on your Physical Card.

Having a PIN makes your card secure, so don't skip this step!

To sync your PIN with your card insert your card + input your PIN in-store and you'll be good to go 🔒

It's normal not to be asked for the PIN for your very first purchase. After that first purchase is done, you can use the tap function from here on out.

What are my purchase limits?

To view your daily transaction limits in-app, tap the profile icon > Account velocity limits.

Need to reset your PIN?

Just call 1-855-564-6999, option 3 to reset it at any time. You can use the same PIN as before.

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