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I have a transaction that expired. What does that mean?
I have a transaction that expired. What does that mean?
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All transactions start as pending charges, and merchants have 7-10 days to settle the transactions and collect the funds (it is up to days for car rentals and hotel reservations). If they don't settle the charge, the pending transaction expires and the funds are returned to your account. 

Some merchants settle charges upon shipping, so a delay in shipping the product may be the reason why the original pending transaction expired. If the merchant confirms your order is still in process, then we recommend keeping this amount in your KOHO account, as the merchant will process a force-posted settlement (meaning they will come back to collect the funds) when the product ships. 

If you're waiting on a pending transaction to expire, once again the timeframe is up to 7-10 days for regular purchases, and up to 30 days for hotels, Airbnbs, and car rentals.

We are unfortunately unable to manually expire transactions from our side or expedite this process.

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