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Using ATMs with your KOHO card
Using ATMs with your KOHO card
Updated over a week ago

You are able to withdraw cash from an ATM using your physical KOHO card.

Look for ATMs on the "Cirrus" network as they'll support withdrawals using a Mastercard.


  • You may be charged a $2-3 out-of-network fee to use an ATM (KOHO doesn't own any ATMs for free withdrawals).

  • We do have a withdrawal limits in place. You can review your account limits directly in-app by tapping on the profile icon (top left) > Account velocity limits.

  • Get one free withdrawal at ATMs outside Canada each month with an Extra or Everything plan. International ATM fees are usually at least $2-3 a pop. Reach out to our support team for a reimbursement to your account!

We don't have an ATM finder in-app, but here are some great resources:

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