If you're sending an e-Transfer from your KOHO app (free), all you need to do is go to Transfers > Send Money > tap the Add a Recipient icon in the top right hand corner. Then enter their name, email address, and a security question. It will take up to 30 minutes for the recipient to receive your e-Transfer. Also, just a heads up that the e-Transfer will come from KOHO Financial Inc.

If the person you're sending funds to is also on KOHO, you can send them a free, instant KOHO to KOHO transfer. Make sure the email you enter for that person is the same email that they've used to sign up for KOHO! You can find this within Move Money as well.

The recipients name, security question and security answer must be between
3-40 characters.
Security answer can not be the same as the security question.
No special characters allowed for the security answer.

Let us know through our in-app chat if you've got any questions 💫

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