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Accepted Payment Methods for KOHO Plans
Accepted Payment Methods for KOHO Plans
Updated over a week ago

You can pay the KOHO Plan monthly or annual fee in two different ways:

  • 💰From your KOHO account balance - always ensure that you have enough of a balance on your KOHO plan billing date.

  • 💳 With your Debit or Credit card - You can now pay for your plan with your debit or credit card. Simply add your debit or credit card details and save the card for future payments!

What if I miss a payment for my plan?

If you recently missed a payment, just add money to your KOHO account so you do not lose access to your benefits! Learn more about how to add money to your KOHO account here.

💡 If you prefer, you can add a debit or credit card as a backup payment method. Please note that this feature is not fully available yet. We will be slowly rolling this out to all users.

Which cards can I add when paying for my paid KOHO plan?

You can add any Credit or Debit cards that have your name on them, are not expired and are registered to your home address.

Can I add a card that is not mine?

No. For a card to be added, the card must satisfy all these requirements:

  • Must be a valid Credit Card or Debit Card (Visa/Mastercard/Amex).

  • Must be a valid card number that is not expired.

  • Must display the same full name as the full name we have on your KOHO account.

  • Must be registered to the same home address that we have on your KOHO account.

The card I want to add has a different home address than what is displayed in my KOHO account. What do I need to do?

If the card has your most current home address, then go into the KOHO app and update your address.

If KOHO has your current home address, then you must modify the home address that your card is registered to by logging into online banking or calling your bank.

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