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What is identity theft and what does KOHO do to protect me?
What is identity theft and what does KOHO do to protect me?
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In Canada, identity theft is defined as third parties' unauthorized use of your personal information. It can involve the collection and criminal use of personal information such as:

  • Your name

  • Date of birth

  • Address

  • Social insurance number (SIN)

  • Other personal details for criminal purposes

Often this information is used to open false accounts in your name, take out credit applications, or access your existing accounts to steal money.

At KOHO, we prioritize protecting our members and their accounts against identity theft and unauthorized use of accounts. We provide many features to protect you from fraud:

  • Real-time push notifications keep you informed about your account activity instantly

  • You can lock and unlock your cards whenever you need to

  • Change your card PIN whenever you want for added security

  • Get low balance alerts if your balance falls below a certain level

Our dedicated team monitors account activity, such as login events, profile changes, and transactions to ensure our members' funds are safe and protected.

If we believe your account is at risk, we will let you know how to safeguard your KOHO account, as well as the things you should do to protect yourself more broadly.

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