Request Money
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Need to settle up with friends or family? Here's how to use our 'Request Money' feature!

Sending a Request

Accessing 'Request Money' Feature:

  • Option 1: Go to the main spend page of the app and click 'Request.'

  • Option 2: Click on the '$' symbol on the main spend page and select 'Request.'

Entering Request Details:

  • Once prompted, enter the amount of your request. Alternatively, you can choose 'Don't specify amount.'

  • Optionally, add a message or a fun emoji before selecting 'Create request.'

A Money Request is Generated:

  • After creating the request, a request code will be generated.

    • The request is for one-time use and will expire after 30 days.

  • Choose to display the code on your screen, share it via SMS or email, or copy the request code. The payer can simply paste the code into their pay with KOHO screen and the transaction details will be prefilled.

Receiving a Request

There are 2 ways to pay with KOHO:

1. After the KOHO member scans the QR / clicks on the link, they will be directed to the intermediary page. KOHO members can click on "Pay with KOHO" and it will take them to the payment page in app.

2. The KOHO member can click "Send" in app, click "Enter request code" and paste the code. Transaction details will be prefilled and members can proceed with the transfer there.

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