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Partner Deals Cash Back FAQ
Partner Deals Cash Back FAQ
Updated over a week ago

Shop with your deal link to earn up to 50% cash back!

Where do I find this in-app?

Click on Cash back (on the Spend page) > Scroll down to Partner Deals.

How does it work?

To earn cash back, simply use the unique deal link provided in-app to make your purchase. You'll receive the cash back boost within 30-90 days of your purchase. Keep tabs on your cash back status conveniently within the KOHO app.

The cash back is calculated on the pre-tax amount of the purchase.

Please note: It can take up to 10 days after the purchase is made for it to appear under pending cash back.

Who is this feature available to?

Members on Everything, Extra, and Essential will have access.

Unfortunately, Non-members are ineligible, so we recommend upgrading your plan to take advantage of this offer!

How will I be notified when my cash back is ready?

Exciting news awaits! You'll see an in-app message from us once your cash back has been paid out.

How do I redeem my cash back?

Your earned cash back will be smoothly deposited directly into your cash back balance and can be cashed out whenever you want!

Can I make in-store purchases and receive the cash back boost?

This offer is exclusively available for online purchases using the unique deal link.

Will I also receive cash back from my paid Plan?

You bet! You’ll receive the cash back you’d regularly receive with your KOHO plan in addition to this partner deals cash back.

What if I don’t receive any cash back?

There are a few reasons that may be preventing you from earning this cash back:

  1. If you find yourself without the expected cash back for a purchase, it means that either the unique deal link wasn't used when making your transaction or you purchased an item that was excluded from the promotion.

  2. If you copy the unique shopping link into a browser with VPN, it may affect the purchase.

  3. If you use a Honey Chrome extension.

Why do I have negative cash back?

If you return all or a portion of your purchase made using the unique deal link, the original cash back awarded will be deducted from your cash back balance.

List of Exclusions:

  • This feature isn't available for KOHO Lite, Non-Member, or Joint Accounts.

  • The categories that appear in-app under Partner Deals are for illustrative purposes only. Any additional cash back you're entitled to as part of your KOHO plan will be determined by its merchant category code. More here.

  • Our support team is unable to retroactively apply the deal link to your purchase if you forgot to shop with the link.

  • Each merchant has a list of exclusions. You'll find more details in-app when you click "Learn more" (see example below)

Happy shopping and enjoy your cash back rewards!

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