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What are the benefits of a Non-Member account?

  • 3% interest on your balance (once you opt-in!)

💎 Did you know that you enjoy all the benefits of our comprehensive Essential plan at no extra cost? Simply by setting up a direct deposit, you can unlock this opportunity—no minimum deposit amount required! With the Essential plan, you gain access to enhanced cash back options, higher interest rates on your entire balance, complimentary credit scores, and much more.

Is there a cost for this account?

There is no cost for the non-member account 👍

If I am on the Easy plan, will my benefits change?

If you were enrolled in the Easy account benefits before, you'll maintain those benefits. You can view your account benefits on the My Plan page in-app.

Should you choose to upgrade to a paid membership and later switch back, you'll transition to a Non-member account going forward.

Are there any additional fees or limitations I should know about?

The Non-Member account has no cost, so you’ll never get charged any hidden fees. But it’s worth keeping in mind that FX fees still apply and there’s a daily maximum amount of $3000 on outbound e-Transfers. Take a peek at this article if you’d like more info.

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