Our budgeting tool
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What is it?

In-app, you can find our budget tool located within the Insights page (which is right above your transactions feed). Use this tool to reduce your spending, see exactly where your money is going, and save even faster!

How are transactions categorized?

The transactions are categorized based on the merchant, but you can always go into the original transaction and change the category to what you think is more appropriate.

Why are fixed and variable expenses separate?

Fixed categories are normally transactions that you make in a month that do not change, things like your rent, utilities bill, student loan repayments. We know that not all of those transactions happen on KOHO, but just so you have a better understanding of where all your money goes we’ve given you the option to fill that out.

Variable expenses are transactions that can vary from month to month and normally are the ones we want to monitor. If you’re working to cut back on your eating out expenses, starting a budget just to track your spending in that category is the best place to start.

How do you know when you’ve reached your budget target?

As you start spending, you’ll see a coloured rim around the category icon. As long as that colour is green you are spending within your target amount. Once the colour turns red, you know that you’ve reached your budget amount!

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