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How do I set up direct deposit with the CRA?
How do I set up direct deposit with the CRA?
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We’d like to help our community access any government payments or support as soon as possible. You can sign up for Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) direct deposit with KOHO to receive government payments.

What are the benefits of linking my CRA account with KOHO?

No more waiting on cheques in the mail! Linking your CRA account allows for faster and more secure payments from the CRA, including tax refunds and benefit payments, directly into your KOHO account. 80% of KOHO users receive government deposits a day earlier than expected!

I’m not expecting any government payments. Should I still link my account?

Yes! The Canadian government is encouraging all Canadians to register for direct deposit. This is to help increase the speed at which you receive all future payments (including tax returns) and reduce the need for physical cheques.

When can I expect to receive my government benefits?

You can expect to receive the payment within a few days after the CRA processes it. You can also sign up for email notifications via your CRA My Account, which will inform you 1-2 days before a payment is scheduled to be deposited into your account. KOHO will also send a push notification to alert you when the deposit has arrived. KOHO’s support team can’t see any upcoming or future deposits so hold tight until you receive a notification!

For estimated CRA processing times, we recommend consulting this resource.

Can anyone sign up for CRA direct deposit?

To be eligible to enrol in direct deposit through KOHO or any other participant in the CRA direct deposit service, you must have previously filed at least one personal income tax return or set up an account with the CRA. If you do not meet this criteria, please call the CRA directly at 1-800-959-8281 for more information.


Who is eligible?

Eligibility for government payments is decided by the CRA and the Canadian government. KOHO does not determine eligibility. Instead, we provide the connection so that your government payments reach your account faster and without the need for paper cheques. 

I haven’t completed identity verification for my KOHO account yet, can I still participate?

All users need to complete identity verification before they can sign up to receive payments through KOHO or any other participant in the CRA direct deposit service. Learn more about how to verify your identity.

What if I already have a direct deposit set up with the CRA into another account? Can I do both?

Should you wish to have your payments deposited to your KOHO account, this will override any prior enrolments. You can switch enrolments at any time, but a maximum of once per calendar day.

You can switch the account your CRA payments are sent to once logged into your My Account on the CRA website under “arrange my direct deposit”.

I have a joint account and a personal account. Which one should I use?

Through the CRA My Account site, you can direct your payments to either account. However, when setting up direct deposit to the CRA through the KOHO app, that option is only available for your KOHO personal account.

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