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How do I set up direct deposit with the CRA?
How do I set up direct deposit with the CRA?
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We’d like to help our community access any government payments or support as soon as possible. You can sign up for Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) direct deposit with KOHO to receive government payments.

Why should I sign up for direct deposit?

Direct deposit is reliable and your payment will always be deposited in the account that you supply at the time of your enrolment in direct deposit. You will be able to change or cancel your direct deposit information at any time through the CRA My Account portal.

Can anyone sign up for CRA direct deposit?

To be eligible to enrol in direct deposit through KOHO or any other participant in the CRA direct deposit service, you must have previously filed at least one personal income tax return or set up an account with the CRA. If you do not meet this criteria, please call the CRA directly at 1-800-959-8281 for more information.


Who is eligible?

Eligibility for government payments is decided by the CRA and the Canadian government. KOHO does not determine eligibility. Instead, we provide the connection so that your government payments reach your account faster and without the need for paper cheques. 

I haven’t completed identity verification for my KOHO account yet, can I still participate?

All users need to complete identity verification before they can sign up to receive payments through KOHO or any other participant in the CRA direct deposit service. Learn more about how to verify your identity.

What if I already have a direct deposit set up with the CRA into another account? Can I do both?

Should you wish to have your payments deposited to your KOHO account, this will override any prior enrolments. You can switch enrolments at any time, but a maximum of once per calendar day.

You can switch the account your CRA payments are sent to once logged into your My Account on the CRA website under “arrange my direct deposit”.

I’m not expecting any government payments. Should I still register?

Yes! The Canadian government is encouraging all Canadians to register for direct deposit. This is to help increase the speed at which you receive all future payments (including tax returns) and reduces the need for physical cheques.

I have a joint account and a personal account. Which one should I use?

Through the CRA My Account site, you can direct your payments to either account. However, when setting up direct deposit to the CRA through the KOHO app, that option is only available for your KOHO personal account.


How do I register to have the CRA deposit into my KOHO account?

You must log into your KOHO app to start the process. In your KOHO app you will see a home card about setting up CRA. You can start the process by tapping that screen. To see all messages from our team, go to Chat with Support > see previous.

What information does KOHO share with the CRA?

Your full name, date of birth and Social Insurance Number (SIN) and the account number into which payments will be deposited.

How do I know my registration was successful?

Once processed by the CRA, you can log into your My Account and check the direct deposit on record.

Why do you need my SIN?

The CRA needs it to validate the correct funds are sent to the correct person. KOHO is mandated to collect this information for the CRA.

I don’t have a SIN number, how do I register?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to register with the CRA without a SIN.

The name I have associated to my KOHO account doesn't match what the CRA has, what do I do?

The CRA uses name matching tools to help overcome minor differences; however, if possible, we suggest you update your name as reflected with CRA to avoid any mismatches.

Please contact our support team with a supporting government-issued ID to help you out before you register for direct deposit with the CRA via KOHO.

Do I need to provide the CRA with my direct deposit form?

No, KOHO will handle the set up of receiving direct deposits from the CRA to your KOHO account for you.


When can I expect my direct deposit to land in my KOHO account?

You can expect to receive payments within 5 business days of the scheduled payment date. You must be enrolled prior to the payment being made for funds to reach your account. Enrolment is required before 9pm ET for the next day to count as the first business day.

How long will it take to process my direct deposit enrolment with KOHO and the CRA?

  • With KOHO: we send over all new enrolments to the CRA weekdays before 10pm ET.

  • With the CRA: The CRA aims to process your direct deposit enrolment or information updates within the next business day. Given the current environment, you may experience longer than usual processing times once KOHO has sent your information to the CRA.

Other Questions

Does this enrol me into the CRA benefits as well?

No, you need to do this through the CRA

What CRA payments can I receive through direct deposit?

You can receive these CRA payments through direct deposit:

  • Income Tax Refund

  • Canada Child Benefit

  • Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) Credit

  • Canada Workers Benefit

  • Ontario Trillium Benefit

Keep in mind that if you submit multiple requests to enrol, at various participants, your most recent successful enrolment will be the account your payments are deposited to. Direct deposits can only be made into one account, at one participant.

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