What is the Metal Card?

The new card on the block. Now you can swap out your current KOHO card for a shiny metal card weighing in at a hefty 16 grams. 

How do I order a Metal Card?

You can purchase it through the KOHO app. You’ll need to be a KOHO user to order one. Head to the App Store to download our app and sign up. 

Do I need to have a specific account to get the card?

Nope. The Metal Card is totally separate from your account -- you can have a KOHO or KOHO Premium account.

How does the Metal Card discount work?

If you have 2 past eligible referrals, you will be able to purchase the Metal Card for $50. Additionally, if you purchase the Metal Card for $159, you will have 60 days to complete your 2 referrals and get a $109 reimbursement. 

 What happens with Premium benefits when I get a Metal Card? 

 They stay exactly the same, you will just get a different card.

What happens when I order the Metal Card before I have received my plastic card? 

The plastic card will be canceled and only your Metal Card will work. If it does come, please discard it.

What if my Metal Card is lost, stolen, or expired?

Unfortunately, there is no replacement card. You will need to order a new one if you’d like to continue using a Metal Card. 

Why release a Metal Card?

Keeping to our goal of returning financial balance to all Canadians, we wanted to give people the power to do what they want with their finances. Historically, Metal Cards have come with a minimum account spend and a hefty annual fee. We wanted to change the narrative and release a Metal Card that was more accessible to Canadians. 

We believe that millionaire is a state of mind; a way to achieve financial balance. Everyone deserves to feel like a millionaire with their finances! Everyday. Now with our Metal Card, you can. Our motto of financial balance looks different for everyone. Whether this means owning a metal card is up to you, and your wallet.

What if I purchase the card by mistake?

We've included several steps before the final purchase to confirm whether you truly want to purchase a Metal Card. Once you tap Order Metal Card for $159, we won't be able to issue any refunds. 

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