This is a new program which has gone into effect July 16th, 2019

How does the new program work? There are 2 components of rewards:

  1. Referrals - refer pals to KOHO and earn extra PowerUps* 👯‍♀️
  • You and the friend you refer each earn 1% extra PowerUps on every purchase for 90 days 
  • The 90 day window begins as soon as they make their first purchase
  • They must make their first transaction within 30 days of signing up
  • You can refer up to 10 friends to KOHO, which means you can earn up to 10% in PowerUps for referring friends
  • Once a friend signs up, they will permanently hold one of your 10 referral slots. Don't be afraid to give them a nudge if you see they haven't finished activating their account!

   2. Direct Deposit - get your paycheque deposited into your KOHO account 🏦

  • Earn 0.5% extra PowerUps on every purchase for 90 days after you receive your first Direct Deposit from an employer
  • Your deposit must be a minimum of $500 to qualify (the extra PowerUps are generated once you receive a deposit of over $500)
  • This is for new Direct Deposit users only. You're only eligible if this is the first time you're had $500 deposited by an employer into your account, but you can be eligible if you've previously received a deposit smaller than $500 into your account
  • If you do not receive another paycheque deposit within the 90 day window, your extra 0.5% PowerUps will be paused
  • To sign-up for Direct Deposit, find the Direct Deposit form in your app and use it to set this up with your employer

*For more information about PowerUps see this article

This extra cash back will be added to your existing PowerUp percentage.

PowerUps are available in your app 2-3 business days after each transaction.

Remember, you can see the individual PowerUps you’re earning on each transaction within your activity feed!

Reach out to us via in-app chat if you have any questions 💬

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