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The KOHO Premium card
Updated over a week ago

With the Extra and Everything plan, you can get a new slick card.

When can I order the Premium card?

When your 30-day trial ends and you make your first plan payment.

How do I order the Premium card?

To get a Premium card, just reach out to our support team through the in-app chat or through the web portal chat.

Do I need to order a new Premium Card to gain the benefits?

No, you can continue to use KOHO with your current card design and reap all the benefits of your KOHO plan.

If you lose or misplace your current card and still want to use Extra or Everything, however, we will be sending you this new design automatically.

Will my current card work if order a Premium card?

Your current card will continue to work. Your current card will only stop working when you have received the new Premium card and you have activated it (the last 4 digits on your KOHO card are located at the back of the card).

What happens if am using the Premium card but then I cancel my Extra or Everything plan?

You can continue to use the Premium card.

Where can I find the card numbers or the last 4 digits on a Premium card?

The card numbers are located at the back of the card. When you call to activate your Premium card, make sure to look at the back of the card to enter the last 4 digits. 

When I activate the Premium card, does my account number change for my pre-authorized debits?

No. Your account number stays the same.

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