How to protect your KOHO account

Updated over a week ago

Phishing is when fraudsters try to obtain your information such as logins, passwords, and credit card details in order to access your KOHO account. One way they try to get this information is by pretending to be contacting you from KOHO and asking you for your personal information.

Please know that a KOHO representative would not call or email you in order to ask for your personal information such as:

  • KOHO card number

  • Date of Birth

  • Personal Identification Number

  • Social Insurance Number

If you believe your KOHO information may have been stolen or obtained by a fraudster please contact us at [email protected] immediately with the following information:

  • How the fraudster contacted you

  • The email address or phone number they used to reach out

  • If it was a call, was it a human or a robot on the other side

  • What information the fraudster was asking for 

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