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How to Open a Joint Account
How to Open a Joint Account
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Important: Joint account functionality is currently only available in-app. You will not be able to create or access your Joint account on KOHO Web.

To create a Joint Account in-app, tap the profile icon > Joint > Create a Joint Account.

Does my Joint Account partner need to be an existing member?

Your Joint Account partner can be an existing KOHO member or someone who hasn't used KOHO yet. 

In either case, tell them to look for an invitation email sent by KOHO and to click on the 'GET JOINT ACCOUNT' button.

What if both of us already has a KOHO account?

This means you're more than half way there! Now, one of you needs to invite the other. 

To invite someone to create a Joint Account with you, open the KOHO app, tap the profile icon > Joint > Create a Joint Account

When one of you receive the Joint invitation email, click on the 'GET JOINT ACCOUNT' button in that email. 

When you click that link on your mobile device, your KOHO app should open and you'll be able to accept the invitation.

First, make sure you are opening the email on your mobile device. 

Make sure that you have the latest version of the KOHO app, which you can get from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Lastly, make sure that the email address that you received the Joint invitation to is the same email address of your Joint account. You can check the email address of your Joint account by tapping the profile icon > Personal Details. You can then ask your partner to cancel the invitation and resend the invitation using the correct email address.

When do I need to use the Joint invitation code?

Instead of clicking on the 'GET JOINT ACCOUNT' link in the email, you can choose to use an invitation code, which is also in the invitation email. 

The person who received the invite email will need to copy the Joint invitation code, and enter it by opening the KOHO app, tapping the profile icon > Joint > Accept an Account Invite.

My Joint partner has accepted the invitation and signed up for KOHO, but I still don't see a Joint account. 

The Joint account is created for both members when both have a KOHO account and we have verified the identity of both of you. 

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