Interac e-Transfers

We understand that this was a long time coming, so we’re pleased to announce that third party e-Transfers are finally here 🚀

This means that you can now accept Interac e-Transfers from friends, family, and business accounts to KOHO!* The sender will just need to send the e-Transfer to your unique email address found in-app (ex. [email protected]). Steps can be found here.

Loading Limits for 3rd Party e-Transfers:

Maximum Amount Per Transaction


**Daily Total Maximum Load Amount allowed


***Monthly Total Maximum Load Amount allowed


**Daily Maximum Number of Transactions allowed


***Monthly Maximum Number of Transactions allowed


*To be eligible to receive third-party e-Transfers to KOHO, your KOHO account must be fully verified, your email must be verified, and your physical card activated 💳

Direct Deposits

Direct deposits must match the name on your KOHO account to successfully deposit.

If you've married recently or otherwise needed to change your name, we will need a photo of a driver's licence or utility bill so that your account info is up to date. You can reach out to us through in-app chat to let us know

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