How to Load:

Auto-deposit has been enabled for fully verified KOHO accounts 💸

  1. Log into your KOHO app, click $ > Add funds > e-Transfer from your bank

  2. Make a note of your unique e-Transfer email address listed under “e-Transfer yourself at this email.”

  3. Open up the bank institution you’re with (Ie. CIBC, BMO, TD, etc), and go to your e-Transfer section.

  4. Create a new contact under the name of KOHO with your unique e-Transfer email you copied from the KOHO app.

  5. Send e-Transfer!

Important note: If your KOHO account hasn't cleared our identity verification process, you will also need to use the security question provided on the e-Transfer page in the KOHO app to load funds successfully.

Getting someone else to load your account?

Yep! They'll just need to send the funds to your unique e-Transfer email (ex. More here.

If your e-Transfer isn't Loading:

  • Check that the notification type is Email and not Phone/SMS when creating the e-transfer to send to KOHO.

  • For users with unverified KOHO accounts, we can only accept and load e-Transfers from your own personal bank account.

  • We also don't accept forwarded e-Transfers - the e-Transfer must be sent directly to your unique KOHO email!

Particular Banking issues for sending an e-Transfer:

How long will it take to see the e-Transfer you sent us on your account?

If your e-Transfer is taking more than three hours to fund your account, please reach out to us through our in-app chat so our team can help you load your account

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