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Can I use my KOHO card outside of Canada?
Can I use my KOHO card outside of Canada?
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For sure! You can use your KOHO card anywhere prepaid cards are accepted. This applies to hotel reservations, car rentals, flight bookings too. If you're using your physical card, be sure to select ‘credit’ as the form of payment or ask the merchant to register your KOHO card as a credit card when you’re ready to make your purchase. Your card is also protected under a Zero Liability policy.

Just a heads up that for hotels, car rentals, or gas stations, merchants may put a pre-authorization hold (usually around 15 - 20%) on your card. This is by no means a charge, however, your funds will be held to the ensure you have enough funds on your card to cover the purchase (plus incidentals where applicable). The correct amount will ‘settle’ within 30 days after you check out.

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