Can I withdraw from my Credit Building funds?
Updated over a week ago

While withdrawing from your tradeline (line of credit) is not required for Credit Building to work, if you wish to access your Credit Building funds, select the Profile icon in the upper left of your app, scroll down to Credit Building Utilization, and select the three dots in the upper right to transfer out funds. The app will ask you to confirm how much you’d like to withdraw, and then verify the process by confirming a code sent to your phone number.

If you choose to withdraw those funds, the repayment will be due on your next billing date after the withdrawal is processed (ie. when the monthly fee is charged). The billing date is based on the registration date, and it’s not possible to change or defer the repayment date.

It’s not possible to make two consecutive withdrawals from your tradeline (line of credit) without paying back the first amount that is due. We encourage you to make a payment of the amount withdrawn before making any other request.

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