Why did my score go down?
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When you initially sign up, a new tradeline is opened under your name. Opening a tradeline means you’re seeking to grow your credit, so you may see your score slightly decrease when a new tradeline is reported. No need to worry! A tradeline is important because it helps build a solid credit history, which in turn helps you to gradually build your score over time, as long as you actively work on building your creditworthiness.

On-time payments play a major role in building a strong credit score. Make sure you have enough in your KOHO account to replenish any amount you may have withdrawn. If outside of KOHO you have missed payments (car, credit card, bills, etc.), tried to get access to a lot of credit in a short period of time, or defaulted on any loans or accounts, this will also negatively impact your credit score.

Your credit score in KOHO is pulled directly from Equifax. If you've updated your personal information recently - First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Address, or Phone Number - we recommend giving your Equifax profile a little checkup too. Keeping your details consistent helps ensure everything’s in sync and accurate.

You can reach out to Equifax directly by giving them a call at 1-800-465-7166, or you can also log into your account on Equifax's website

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