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Earn Interest Troubleshooting
Earn Interest Troubleshooting
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If you're having a hard time registering for Earn Interest, there could be a couple of things going on. Let's dig in:

PO Box

Do you have a PO Box address? You may need to change that to a residential address to move ahead with registration.


Ensure that your address is written in complete form. Instead of “St” or “Ave”, make sure you have “Street” or “Avenue” written in full 👍

Unit Number

Is your unit number in the correct format? The standard accepted unit number format cannot be multiple words.

Acceptable unit entries look like this: 100 or 101A.

Postal Code

Is your postal code in the correct format? The standard accepted postal code format is A1A 1A1. Note the space in between!


If your occupation is over 60 characters long, this might prevent you from registering for Earn Interest. Update your Occupation by going to the profile icon > Personal Details > Occupation.

If you need further assistance, our friendly and knowledgeable team of agents are available to help 7 days a week! You can reach us through the in-app chat.

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