How do I set a Goal?
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Important: When you cash out a Goal, your Spendable will increase, but you won't see a record of the cash out in your transaction feed. This is expected behaviour as this is considered "internal money movement."

KOHO helps you squirrel away a bit of money each day to help you reach your Savings Goals 🐿️ 

KOHO automatically, virtually, moves your daily Goal contribution (for example, $2) from your Spendable to your Goal Savings. You can cash out your Goal Savings whenever you want or need. 

A few key terms to know first →

Total: The real money that you have put into your KOHO account.

Spendable: The suggested amount you have to spend without dipping into your Goal Savings. 

Here's how to set a Goal & start saving automatically:

Step 1: In-app, go to the Save tab > + ( to create the Goal)

Step 2: Name your Goal

Step 3: Enter the amount you want to save

Step 4: Pick the date you need the money by

Step 5: Add funds to your Goal (optional)

Step 6: Review your Savings Plan. Here you can edit your goal and adjust the savings frequency and contribution amount.

Step 7: Decide how you want your goal to be adjusted in case you miss a scheduled contribution

What if you don't have enough money in your account to meet your daily contribution? 

You can contribute to your goal at any time, this goes for withdrawing some funds or cashing out and completing your goal.

🙋Just a quick heads up, the separation between your Spendable and your RoundUps and Savings is a visual separation. This means that although in your KOHO app, they are in different sections, when it comes to transactions, your KOHO account is all one account. If you have $10 in your Spendable and $5 in your RoundUps and $2 in a Savings Goal and make a purchase for $17, this transaction will pull funds from your RoundUps and Savings Goal.

How do I edit or delete a Goal?

In-app, go to the Save tab and select an existing Goal. You can select the Goal Settings in the top right hand corner and adjust, pause, or delete the goal as needed 👍

There you have it. With KOHO, you can save for your cake and eat it too.

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