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6 Ways to Cut Your Expenses
6 Ways to Cut Your Expenses

Help to balance your budget or increase your savings while reducing some of your expenses.

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We'd all like to pay less for things when we can, so I'm going to dive right in and share six ways to cut expenses that you may not have heard of before! The truth is that none of these are fun, but they can add up to big savings each month so I encourage you to give them a try!

1 - Save interest on your credit cards if you are carrying a balance by calling the credit card company and asking them if they can lower your interest rate. It can be a little scary to make phone calls like this, but remember the worst thing that can happen is they say no. But if they say YES, it could save you a lot of money and help you pay off your credit card faster!

2 - Slash your food budget (groceries and take-out) by first reviewing how much you have been spending (which is often eye-opening), and working to build a meal plan. Having a plan helps you be more focused at the grocery store, and can reduce your restaurant spending. I also find that ordering groceries online while I am in my kitchen and able to see what I have on hand is a huge help! Not only does it stop me from making impulse purchases at the store, but it also helps me see how much my order is and adjust if I'm over budget.

3 - Review your spending for the last 2-3 months and see if there are any subscriptions you aren't using. Maybe it was a free trial you didn't cancel or a subscription you are no longer using, either way, they can really add up if you don't review regularly!

4 - Implement some waiting periods for spending. I find that pausing before I make a purchase helps me to make better decisions. Online shopping makes it so easy for us to hit buy, that we don't take time to pause. Removing saved credit card numbers, and unsubscribing from emails that tempt you to spend can be a big help with pausing. I recommend you set waiting periods that are different based on the cost of the purchase. The higher the amount, the longer the pause!

5 - Negotiate your cell phone/internet bill. The prices we pay as Canadians are high, but you can take steps to help! I recommend calling your provider and asking them how they can help you to lower your bill. You can also use FB messenger to communicate with your provider without spending a long time on the phone. Some companies make it easier than others but it's worth a try. If your provider isn't good at negotiating, consider switching if there's a better deal out there.

6 - Review your insurance with an insurance broker. This can be really beneficial if it's been a while since you've done this. It's easy to let your insurance automatically renew each year, but it is pretty easy to see what options are out there for you. The last time I did this, I had to send in my current insurance documents, and the broker was able to give me several different options.

Cheers to savings friend!

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