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Get in touch with our support team

We find that most questions can be easily resolved with our extensive Help Centre, so recommend checking that out first! If you can't find the answer you're looking for, our support team is here to help.

Please log in to your KOHO account before contacting support. This will always us to quickly verify you and provide you with personalized, account-specific advice. Wait times for logged out users may be longer.

Here's how you can reach us through our in-app or web chat:

For mobile users

  • If you have the KOHO app downloaded already:

    1. Tap here

    2. Login

    3. Tap on the profile icon in the top left corner

    4. Scroll down to Support

  • If you have the KOHO app downloaded but are having trouble logging in:

    1. Tap here

    2. Tap Forgot Password

    3. Tap on the chat bubble in the top right corner

For web users

  • If you want to contact us from our web platform:

    1. Click here

    2. Click the chat bubble in the top right corner

Using our chatbot

Kodi was built to help you find instant answers to common questions and without the need to wait for a human touch. Time is money, so we want to save you as much of it as possible. Kodi knows all about KOHO and the most common questions our users ask, but it's important to note it's limitations – Kodi can't answer account-specific information like "What's my account balance?" yet. Until then, our friendly support team will always be around to give you that personalized assistance.

How does it work?

Kodi works best when you start with a clear and concise question – no need for formal introductions, just dive right in! Try to keep your questions short and to the point: for example, if you need to update your address just say so. Kodi works best when you focus on the meat of your question, there's no need to share the when or the why, just give us the what.

If you have several questions, try to separate them. Kodi is great at handling one request at a time, but has a bit of trouble choosing which question to help with when there are more than one.

Here are some example dos and don'ts:

Your issue



Changing your address

  • I need to update to my address

  • How can I change my address?

  • I have a new address, can you change it?

  • I moved a little while ago, so I need to change my address and get a new card shipped to me because it hasn't arrived yet

Reporting a fraudulent charge

  • There's a charge I don't recognize

  • I think there's fraud on my card

  • There's a suspicious purchase on my card

  • Why am I being charged for this purchase? I haven't been there in ages

Tips and tricks

Chatbots are good at understanding but not quite great yet, so here are some quick tips you can use to get the most out of Kodi:

Use clear language:

  • Try to avoid jargon, abbreviations, or overly complex sentences that may lead to misunderstandings. Remember, short, sweet and to the point is what Kodi likes best.

Avoid sensitive or personal information:

  • Refrain from sharing any sensitive or personal information. Since Kodi can't help with any account-specific questions yet, best to save these for our support team if needed.

Repeat and rephrase:

  • If Kodi doesn't understand your first attempt at a question, just try saying it in a simpler way. It might not get it at first, but giving it a second chance to answer usually helps and only strengthens it's future answers!

By following these best practices and understanding Kodi's current limitations, you can maximize the benefits of interacting with our chatbot and get back to doing things you actually want to do.

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