Yes, you can! While withdrawing from your tradeline (line of credit) is not required, if you wish to access your Credit Building funds, select the Profile icon in the upper right of your app, scroll down to Credit Building utilization, and select the ellipses (...) in the upper right corner > choose Transfer. The app will ask you to confirm how much you’d like to withdraw, and then verify the process by sending a code sent to your phone number to enter.

As a heads up, you may not be able to withdraw those funds if we’re in the process of reporting your progress to the credit bureau! You'll need to wait a couple of days and try again.

Once the withdrawal is confirmed, the funds take 72 hours to process. We aren't able to speed up this withdrawal, so we kindly ask that you don't reach out to support with this request.

For example, if you request a withdrawal at 9.02 am EST on Monday, these funds will be deposited into your account at 9.02 am EST on Thursday.

It's not possible to make two consecutive withdrawals from your tradeline (line of credit) without paying back the first amount that is due. We encourage you to make a payment of the amount withdrawn before making any other request.

As a last note, if you choose to withdraw those funds, the repayment will be due on the billing date (ie. when the monthly fee is charged). The billing date is based on the registration date, and it's not possible to change or defer the repayment date.

Just so you know, if you cancel your Credit Building subscription during this processing time, the withdrawal will not be successful because only active Credit Building subscribers can withdraw these funds.

To repay what was withdrawn from your Credit Building tradeline (line of credit), you will need to select the Profile icon in the upper right of the app, scroll down to Credit Building Utilization, and select the three dots in the upper right to Transfer back funds. You will then select the amount you want to repay and then confirm!

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