Make the switch to Mastercard® today!

We’re moving all users over to Mastercard, so please make sure you sign up for your new Mastercard to continue accessing all of the great (exclusive-to-Mastercard) features we’ll be launching in the future.

With your new Mastercard, you’ll enjoy all the original KOHO benefits and more, including:

  • A card that’s accepted at more than 24 million locations in over 210 countries

  • Mastercard Tap and Go

  • Zero liability fraud protection

  • Access to over 2,000 experiences

Bonus: You can now use your KOHO Mastercard at Costco 🎉

How do I switch to Mastercard?
  • Open your KOHO app

  • Click on the home card at the top of your home screen

  • Sign the new Mastercard agreement and select your card design!

Once you make the switch, you will receive your new virtual Mastercard immediately and your physical card in about 10 days! Your Visa card will remain active until your physical Mastercard is activated. Make sure to update any recurring subscriptions you have to your new card numbers.

Will the change cost me anything?

There is no fee to make the switch to Mastercard! You will also receive a new Mastercard free of charge 🙌

Will my account be different?

Our team made the change as seamless as possible! Your balance, e-Transfer load information, and account history will all stay the same 👍

You will also have a new Mastercard account number! Any existing direct deposits or PADs will still be able to go through on your previous account number.

What happens to my existing cards?

Your existing KOHO cards will remain active until your Physical KOHO Mastercard is activated. Once your new Mastercard is activated, your previous KOHO Visa cards can no longer be used and will be deactivated.

Can I keep my KOHO Visa card?

All KOHO users will need to switch to Mastercard. KOHO Visa cards will be phased out shortly and we do not want your KOHO experience to be impacted in any way.

How do I update my Joint account to Mastercard?

To update your Visa Joint account to Mastercard, you and your Joint account partner will need to switch your personal account to Mastercard first!

Once you and your partner are on Mastercard, your Joint account will be automatically switched over by our internal team 🚀

Is my Mastercard protected?

Your KOHO Mastercard is protected under Mastercard's Zero Liability Policy 🔒

Can I still receive a refund to a cancelled card?

Yes! A refund can be processed successfully onto a cancelled card if the refund was processed before the card was cancelled.

See more on refunds here: When will I see a return or refund appear?

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