Welcome to KOHO, we’re so glad you’re here! We think your finances should be free(ing), not confusing or frustrating. Congrats on taking the first step towards financial freedom! We’ve put together these tips so you get as much out of KOHO as quickly as possible.

What’s the best way to use my KOHO account?

Think of KOHO as a spending account… a smart spending account. That is, the amount you transfer into KOHO is an amount that you would expect to spend on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Although KOHO is going to find you new ways to save you money, it’s not really a savings account. It’s a smart spending account, expect to use all the money you add to KOHO.

What’s the right amount of money to add to my KOHO account?

We recommend ⅓ of your paycheque for the first few transfers into KOHO. It’s a nice general rule of thumb for all the discretionary spending between paycheques. The immediate impact of KOHO on your financial life is the ability to understand the spending that tends to fluctuate.

When should I use my KOHO card?

You get the most out of KOHO when you use your KOHO Visa for:

  • Everyday things: Morning coffee, lunch with co-workers, taxis, drinks with friends
  • Weekly things: Groceries, online shopping, yoga classes, clothes shopping
  • Monthly things: Select monthly bills: Cable/internet, cellphone, gym memberships

Do you ever think to yourself: “Where did my money go this month"?

KOHO wants to unearth all of the ways you can spend smarter, from habits that can be easily changed on a daily or weekly basis. You’ll notice that we left out some big bills, such as Rent, student loans, or car payments. The reason is that these bills are fixed long-term and don’t change much month-to-month.

Q: How can I put money into my account?

A: There are 3 ways to fund your KOHO account, and you can find instructions for all of them in the app under $ > Add Funds.

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