How it Works

  1. Book your next stay on using the special link embedded in the KOHO app (this link must be used to be eligible for this benefit). The link can be accessed by clicking into the "Cash back" section on the Spend page in-app and there will be a link highlighted on the partners page

  2. Reserve your hotel using your KOHO card and use it to pay during your stay (the same KOHO card must be used for reserving the accommodation and paying the final amount at the property)

  3. You'll be credited the full cash back on your reservation with 30-60 days after your stay

Good to Know

  1. You'll receive 0.5% cash back from KOHO on the final amount of the reservation once the transaction settles on your account. The remaining cash back will come directly from as a credit/refund to your KOHO account 30-60 days after the stay is complete (you can track the status of this credit in your rewards wallet)

  2. The cash back from is on the pre-tax value of the reservation

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