How will I know if it’s working?

Shortly after registering for Credit Building in-app, you’ll be able to see your current credit score. Every month after we’ve successfully taken payment and reported to the credit bureaus you’ll be able to see your updated credit score, as well as your change in score, in-app within the Credit Building page.

The reporting is sent over the following month, to capture the first month of activity. For example, August's reporting will be sent in September.

Will it require a hard credit check?

No, we believe everyone should have access to building their credit! Upon registration, we do a soft credit check to get your credit score, but that’s it. For additional clarity, the soft check we run during registration does not impact your credit score.

Which credit bureau(s) do we report to?

We report to Transunion.

Why did my credit score go down?

If outside of KOHO you have missed payments (car, credit card, bills, etc.), tried to get access to a lot of credit in a short period of time, or defaulted on any loans or accounts, then there are negative implications to your credit score that are beyond our control. These are common examples of negative credit activity that might adversely impact your score.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Just as making your payments on time will positively impact your credit score, the inverse is true. Not making your payments on time will hurt your credit score.

To keep it simple: We advise you to let KOHO do all the work after you register. Just ensure there is $7 in your account balance (not including Vault) for the subscription fee each month so you won’t miss a payment!

What happens if I see "0" in-app?

If you are looking at your credit history and see “0” this just means that we did retrieve your score, but you don’t have enough credit history just yet!

Why is my score with KOHO different than another reporting service that I use?

Currently, KOHO's Credit Building tool pulls your score directly from TransUnion. The score may differ from what you’re seeing using other score reporting services because there are two major credit bureaus in Canada and these agencies may have different criteria for scoring your credit!

Why couldn’t you find my score?

Usually, if registration fails (and funds are returned to you), this is caused by one of the following reasons:

  • It could be that you don't yet have a credit file with TransUnion

  • It could be because the personal information on your credit file, e.g. date of birth, address and name don't match the info on your KOHO account

We recommend double-checking your details under Personal > Personal Details 😊

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