Here's a rundown of what you'll hear if you give KOHO a call. To better assist you during these times, our support channels have been updated to help you get the information you need, faster. Here are some quick answers below.

Having trouble activating your KOHO card?

First, check that you're inputting all 16 digits of your card number correctly and quickly and try again. Our will time out if you take too long to input the full number. In addition, head into the KOHO app and confirm that the phone number you're calling from matches the one on your account. If you're still having issues, reach out to us in-app and type the words "card activation”.

Want to report a lost or stolen card?

Please navigate to the app and click on the Card icon on the main Spending page. From there, select the lost, stolen or compromised card and toggle the lock button- this will lock your card.

Need help with passcode issues or logging in?

Please reach out in-app or send us an email at with the word “passcode” p-a-s-s-c-o-d-e - you’ll receive a reply prompting you for some additional information so that an agent can best assist you.

Have a general question about your KOHO account?

For questions like how to load funds or day-to-day transaction issues, please visit Here you’ll find answers to our most common questions.

Chat with us in-app

In-app, you can also chat with our KOHOVirtualAssistant for immediate access to information on how to load funds, change personal account details or inquire about Premium account features.

If you have questions about account activity, security, or you are not a KOHO user and would like to reach out, please send us an email to

As always, our support agents are still available to assist you with any other questions. Due to the high volume of inquiries, please ensure that you include as much information as possible in your initial message like name, email address, and as much as detail as you can provide to prevent further delay.

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