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Online Shopping with KOHO
Online Shopping with KOHO
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Now that there is a major shift in shopping online rather than in-store, you may have noticed that many merchants are experiencing severe delays in sending out order confirmations and shipping orders. We understand how frustrating that is and we're here to help you understand how that may affect your KOHO card!

Shopping a Major Sale?

Who doesn't love a good online sale? We do and know you do too! 🙌

Merchants are trying their very best to package and deliver your goods to you, and securing your order by authorizing the total amount once you've made the purchase.

Important note: As businesses are operating at a limited capacity, items may not be available by the time your order is processed and the settled amount may change if necessary.

My Authorization Expired But The Merchant Confirmed It's Still Being Processed - What Now?

You may have noticed a banner similar to the one above on some of your favourite retail sites, or received an e-mail that your order will be delayed. If your package is delayed by more than 7 days the authorization may expire on your account and the funds returned to you.

This happens as most merchants authorize at the time of your order, but only collect (Settle) the the full amount once your order has shipped from their facility. This reduces the need for merchants to retroactively apply refunds if they are unable to complete your order.

Important Note: If this happens you will receive a notification that the authorization expired and it will removed from your Transaction History!

Duplicate Charge On The App?

Now that your order has been shipped, it may seem like a duplicate charge in-app. No need to worry! Your KOHO app always shows you when a merchant removes funds from your account, though it isn't always great at explicitly telling you when they are returned. It is something our team is always working hard to perfect!

Taking a look at the purchases below, we see what seems like a duplicate charge - in this case the merchant authorized a transaction on April 30th and May 16th for $188.47.

But we know better! After taking a quick look we realize that April 30th was the order date but the merchant was not able to ship the items before the authorization expired. The funds were returned to the account, the authorization removed from the Transaction History and a notification was sent to the app.

On May 16th, the merchant shipped the order and processed a new authorization to reclaim the funds! Important Note: This can happen even if you don't have enough money in your Spendable to cover the new authorization and you may go into a negative since the merchant is still owed these funds.

💬 As always if you have any questions, our team is here to help you understand your account better. You can find your way to us by going to Personal in the top right corner > Chat with support.

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