KOHO is allowing Canadians to get access to their government payments faster, in hopes of helping pay bills on time and alleviate some of the cashflow stress people are feeling right now during COVID-19. 

What you need to know

  • KOHO has partnered with the CRA to allow all eligible Canadians to receive their Canadian Emergency Funds Benefit (CERB), directly to their KOHO account faster than through the CRA 
  • Users who choose to take advantage of this offer will also soon have the option to access $100 of their benefits even earlier without fees or interest - since some of us need a little buffer until CERB payments come in. No strings attached, just set up your CRA direct deposits to KOHO  This offer will start to be piloted at the end of May, but get your direct deposit setup today to be eligible.
  • The $100 early access will automatically be collected from your account when you receive your next CERB payment, or you can choose to repay the $100 before your next payment through the app.

Eligibility requirements

  • You will still have to apply for CERB benefits through the CRA website. Once you have successfully applied, you must log into the KOHO app to start the process. You will see an in-app message from KOHO with a link to a secure webpage to begin registration. 
  • Available late this May- to receive access to $100 early you will need to have received a direct deposit of $2000 or more to your KOHO account from the Canadian government in either the previous payment period or the current period. See chart of government payment periods here. If you have received a payment within these periods, you can click Access your CERB payments early in the KOHO app and receive $100 three days prior to your next government payment. 
  • You will only be able to opt into the $100 early access feature once per pay period.
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