Meet our new virtual assistant!

They like long walks on the beach, meeting new people, and helping others find answers to their KOHO-related questions. 

We get that access to your money is extremely important—so we're hoping our virtual assistant can reduce wait-times and save you from scrolling through our Help Center articles to find answers. You might be able to handle waiting for a reply from your new-found crush—but when it comes to your money, your bank shouldn't leave you hanging. Period.

So, what can the virtual assistant do?

They can answer our most frequently asked questions in English (no French, yet!). For security reasons, they won't be able to go into specific details of your account, so you will have the opportunity to speak with an agent for assistance on these details. 

Our virtual assistant can answer questions about...

  • Updating account information ("I'd like to update my address")
  • Login troubles ("I forgot my password")
  • Identity verification information ("I uploaded documents for KOHO account application, when will I hear back?")

How does the virtual assistant work?

Powered by artificial intelligence, they can recognize human language and get smarter as they learn conversations from our users over time. This means, they still have their training wheels on—but the more questions you ask, the faster they'll learn. They do best with short and simple sentences, so ask away! 

Our virtual assistant takes care of the simpler questions like our FAQs, giving our agents more time to focus on the complex questions like "I'm not seeing an e-Transfer in my account I sent 3 hours ago." This improves the experience for everyone and decreases the time you need to wait for a reply.

How can I chat with the virtual assistant?

In-app head to the icon in the top right-hand corner of your Home Screen > Support > Chat with support > New conversation.

Just a heads up, if you aren't signed into your KOHO account and need to chat with us, make sure to leave your name and email address as well so we can assist you faster!

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