Since KOHO launched a little over four years ago, banking has grown, and our expectations have evolved with it. That’s why we set out to redesign KOHO to be more intuitive so you can find what you're looking for with ease. We’re proud to introduce the first step in building a better KOHO mobile experience, inspired by your feedback.

What's new?

We've redesigned the layout of the app so key features are more readily available. The tabs at the bottom are now: Spending, Savings, Move Money, and Referrals.

Spending: What used to be the Home tab is now Spending. Here you'll find everything having to do with how you spend with KOHO. Most importantly, your transactions are readily available as soon as you open the app. You can also track just how you're spending your money with Insights. See how you're spending your money on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. And now you can quickly check out how much cash back you've earned through your PowerUps.

Move Money: The old Transfers tab has been updated to Move Money. Send money to your friends, Transfer money in between your Personal and Joint accounts or Pay Bills all from the comfort of this one tab. You can also get your Pre-Authorized Debit/Direct Deposit information here as well.

RoundUps and Goals can still be found in the Savings tab.  

The last tab at the bottom is now Referrals. This is your go-to for a quick find of your Referral Code, any bonuses you're receiving, and a list of those you've referred.

Where can I find everything else?

Great question! At the top of your screen you'll now see Personal at the top right, and a card image below it.

Selecting Personal will allow you to joggle between accounts, as well as view account specific details like your Profile Details, Premium membership, Statements, and more. 

The card image will show you your Virtual and Physical Card information.

All of these updates will be rolling out to the App Store and Google Play Store starting March 17. Make sure you update your app to take part in the first step in building a better KOHO experience!

What's next?

In the coming months, we’ll be introducing more changes so you can get a better look at your Savings inside KOHO and find all of our rewards and perks for being a loyal user. Stay tuned!

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