What is Early Payroll?

With KOHO Early Payroll, you can get $100 of your paycheque earlier. We understand life comes with unexpected surprises and we want to be there for you to pay off those expenses/bills.

How much is it?

It's free if you can wait a bit — we’ll give you $100 3 days before your next paycheque with Early Payroll Free. If you’re in a pickle and need money immediately, you can get access to $100 for $5 and our in-house financial coach with Early Payroll Instant*.

Will this affect my credit score?

Nope, this won’t impact your credit score. No credit applications either!

When can I use this?

With Early Payroll Free, you are able to access $100 up to 3 days before your next scheduled paycheque. With Early Payroll Instant, you can access the $100 any time for 15 days. As soon as your first direct deposit over $100 hits your KOHO account, you'll have the option to enrol in-app.

How do I repay?

We will subtract the $100 amount borrowed on your next scheduled pay date — you can take a peek in-app for the exact date. If we cannot collect the $100 on your next paycheque, we will attempt to collect the next time the money is available in your account. If you are using Instant, $5 will be debited from your account when you register. Or, you can manually repay in-app anytime.

Can I cancel my $100?

Yes, you are able to cancel the $100 if you have not received it and you will be refunded the $5 if you registered for Instant.

*Early Payroll Instant is not available in New Brunswick or Saskatchewan yet!

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