What is the Visa Debit load method and why should I use it?

The Visa Debit load method is an in-app way for you to load funds to your KOHO account, without the need to use your online banking portal to transfer funds from your existing bank to KOHO. 

Simply add a Visa Debit card (a card that displays the Visa Debit logo on the front) in the KOHO app, and you can load funds from that card to your KOHO account at any time. The card must have your name on it, is not expired and is registered to your home address. 

Why should I use the Visa Debit load method?

Two reasons to use the Visa Debit load method: 

  1. It allows you to load by just using your KOHO app (without needing to go to your online banking app or website). 

  2. It is our fastest load method yet.

To start using the Visa Debit load method:

  1. In the KOHO app, go to $ > Add Funds > Visa Debit.

  2. Enter the details of your Visa Debit card. 

  3. Enter the amount you want to load from your Visa Debit card to the KOHO account. 

  4. Click Add Funds. 

Are there any fees to use the Visa Debit load method?

Your first load using Visa Debit is free. 

For subsequent loads, it is also free if the amount is greater than $500. For load amounts less than $500, there will be a $0.75 fee applied.

The fee is used to cover our payment process costs for providing a superior load experience. 

How long does a load take after I add funds with Visa Debit?

The majority of loads using this method occur in less than a minute.  

Only you can transfer funds from the Visa Debit card to the KOHO account. KOHO will never initiate a transfer on your behalf.  

What are the velocity limits for Visa Debit load?

Visa Debit load follows the same limits as other KOHO load methods with an additional maximum daily load restriction of $1,500. This maximum may be reviewed and updated from time to time.  


Supported cards

Which cards can I add when using the Visa Debit load method?

You can add Visa Debit cards that have your name on them, are not expired and are registered to your home address. 

For debit cards, it must be a card that displays the Visa Debit logo on the front. 

Currently, we are unable to accept RBC Virtual Visa cards.

Can I add a card that is not mine?

No. For a card to be added, the card must satisfy all these requirements:

  • Must be a Visa card.

  • Must be a valid card number that is not expired.

  • Must display the same full name as the full name we have on your KOHO account. 

  • Must be registered to the same home address that we have on your KOHO account. 

The card I want to add has a different home address than what is displayed in my KOHO account. What do I need to do?

If the card has your most current home address, then go into the KOHO app and update your address

If KOHO has your current home address, then you must modify the home address that your card is registered to by logging into online banking or calling your bank. 

Can I use my Visa credit card to load my KOHO card?

No, you won't be able to load with a credit card since it may be treated as a Cash Advance transaction by your credit card issuer. Prepaid cards also aren't accepted. Just Visa Debit. 



Can I add more than one card?

Yes, you can add more than one card. Before you load, you will be able to choose which card you want to load from. 

I was asked to perform an extra verification step during the Visa Debit load method. Is this secure?

Yes. This uses Visa's 3-D Secure 2.0 technology that allows your bank to verify that the person making a load to KOHO is actually you. You may be asked for one of the following verification steps:

  1. Two-factor authentication code sent via email or SMS: Your bank will send an SMS text message or email using the phone number or email address registered with your bank. This SMS text message or email will contain a code that you will be prompted to enter into the KOHO app. 

  2. Biometric: You will be redirected to your bank's app installed on your mobile device and your bank's app will ask you to verify yourself through a fingerprint or facial recognition. Once this is successfully completed, you will be redirected back to the KOHO app.  

I was not asked for a verification question. Is this normal?

Yes. Your bank will decide if the load requires a verification step. Not all loads will have a prompt for a verification step. 

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